Take Your Next Step!

At Deer Creek Church we are always looking to help people grow in their faith and become more like Jesus. We do this by encouraging people to take the next step in their spiritual journey. Check out these options below and take your next step!

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Sunday Mornings

Join us in person every Sunday morning as we Reach Up in worship through song and by hearing and applying the teachings of the bible.

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Starting Point

Looking to get started at Deer Creek? Check out Starting Point. This three week class is designed to help you take next steps in your spiritual journey and learn more about Deer Creek Church.

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Small Groups

We are designed to live and grow in community with others. At Deer Creek Church we develop these relationships through small groups. Groups meet in small groups seasons during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

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Use your unique personality and spiritual gifts to serve others inside and outside of the Church. If Jesus is leading you to be a part of Deer Creek Church, you are a needed and important part of this community.

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Be Baptized

Baptism is a sign of belonging to the community of faith. For adults, this means that an individual has responded to the good news of the Gospel of Jesus and wants to follow Him for the rest of his/her life. For children of Jesus followers, baptism signifies a beautiful sense of belonging to the church family and the nurturing hope that one day this child will also profess faith in Jesus.

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Become A Member of Deer Creek Church

We believe that Jesus calls us to love one another. We also believe that God provides us membership in the church as a practical way to live out this calling. Church membership means living in authentic gospel relationships with others, marked by accountability, repentance, forgiveness, and service.

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Invite others to join you at Deer Creek and start their own faith journey!